Decentralised Power Systems

30 Sep 2017

Components of decentralised power systems

All of the ventures we accompany are still in a research or early development stage.
The projects fall into one of the following areas:

  • Energy harvesting (solar and wind)
  • Energy storage (fuel cells)
  • Energy trading (smart locks and blockchain)

Currently, we focus on blockchain based trading within decentralised energy systems, for which we use commercially available energy harvesting and storage components.

In addition, we're systematically scouting companies with innovative harvesting and storage technology in order to increase the overall energy efficiency.

Paradigm shift

In the transition from carbon to renewable energy systems, the major logistical approach hasn't been changed so far: the industrial production of renewable energies and the one-grid paradigm. Although efficient and cost-effective energy storage as the key issue is far from being solved, we observe constant incremental innovation in harvesting and storage technologies.

But with the increase in efficiency, a new generation of power systems becomes feasible. Combined with smart lock and blockchain technology, we can create more decentralised, more stable and less oligopolistic energy systems.

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