We drive digital innovation

Our Investment Topics

What if we could harvest our own energy, store it and use it without being connected to the grid? If our energy systems would become more decentralised and if we could trade energy with our neighbours in micro-grids? In our research topic smartpower.io, we accompany and combine various early stage ventures to create the next generation of smart renewable energy systems.

Imagine you are supposed to organise an annual meeting for hundreds of shareholders. To pass resolutions which require qualified majorities of your outstanding shares. Or, to raise capital. Cumbersome? Our new venture trustwise.io will provide you with a blockchain-secured share registry and facilitate corporate governance, funding and trading for non-listed companies.

Can media influence asset prices? Can the repetition and dissemination of news lead to temporary over- or undervaluations? To answer these questions, take a closer look at the advanced semantic technology of our startup searchconcepts.io.

What we do

We drive digital innovation

We manage projects, support startups and provide consultancy.
Successful digital innovations encompass both, detailed knowledge about the underling technology and a sound understanding of the business, i.e. of business processes, of the impact on profit margins and costs and of customer acceptance. With our strong background in Banking IT, a proven track record of successfully implemented multi-year, multi-million projects, and the successful creation of several startups, we help companies to manage their digital transformation and startups to set-up their business. We combine our permanent curiosity for new technologies with our strong passion for making innovations happen.

Why digitalconcepts.io?

We advise and we invest.

As we believe in our strengths, we're not only offering advice, but also are willing to take risks.
Our investments can be just time or time and money. We work with innovative incentive models to ensure a long-lasting success of the start-ups and to create a team culture which attracts highly motivated team members and makes work fun.

For customers who would like to benefit from our expertise, we're willing to commit ourselves to a project as if it was just our own money.

Our Services


We accompany and invest in startups.
As an early stage investor, the companies for our investment portfolio are all hand-picked.
We invest in innovative ideas for emerging technology trends and in people who we believe can master the transformation from technology inventors to business implementators.

Our offering:

- Project Financing
- Team recruiting
- Start as a profit center within our company
- Founding of a company
- Business strategy and governance
- Investors search
- Mentoring
- Joint acquisition of clients


We drive your digital transformation.
We can accompany you through all stages of your digital transformation process. We scout innovations, devise your digital transformation strategy and eventually manage your innovation projects. All our consultants are experienced business analysts or senior project managers with a proven track-record.

Our offering:

- Digital Roadmap
- Business Cases
- Business specifications
- International project staffing
- Business and IT Project Management

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Hans-Peter Gier

Managing Partner, digitalconcepts.io ag

After completing his MBA at the University of St. Gallen, Hans-Peter has been taking up leading positions as head of strategic IT planning and in the development of quantitative portfolio management systems at Swiss Bank Corporation. He was the founder and managing partner of Banking Concepts AG, a management consultant firm in the banking sector. After selling a majority stake to his partners, he founded digitalconcepts.io ag for running research and innovation projects and developed it to a management company for startups. In the last years he passionately devoted most of his energy on semantic technologies, which resulted in the foundation of the majority-owned startup Search Concepts AG. Lately, he expanded his activities to block chain and smart contract technology as well as prediction models. 

Rolf Ramseier

Member of the Board, Lead investor smartshares

Rolf is owner of the Swiss accounting firm Ramseier Treuhand AG. He received a degree in management and is Swiss certified auditor.


Dr. Beat Röthlisberger
mathematics, search algorithm optimisation
co-founder searchconcepts.io

Michal Florian
blockchain, smart contracts,
web applications

Tetiana Gier
computational linguistics

Vladyslav Lupashevskyi
smart contracts, blockchain

About the company

digitalconcepts.io ag is a management and consulting company for digital innovations. We are managing and servicing start-ups with latest IT technology and advising financial institutions in managing their digital transformation.

Heaquartered in Basel, Switzerland, digitalconcepts.io ag. was originally founded under the name document concepts in 2007 as a part of a group of consulting companies. In its first years it focused on document, contract and output management, mainly, but not limited to the financial services industry. Over the years it developed into a management company for research projects, fully controlled startups and innovation consultancy, covering product management & process management systems, natuaral language processing and semantic technologies.

In 2015 it was decided to open its focus and to provide management and consulting services to startups, especially in the growing field of "fintechs".


Legal Information

Legal Identifier: CHE-113.842.055

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digitalconcepts.io ag
Gartenstrasse 59
4052 Basel


TA-Swiss, the Centre for Excellence of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, which carries out technology assessments on behalf of the Swiss government has awarded the tender bit for an assessment of blockchain technologies to a consortium of three companies of which Banking Concepts, represented by Hans-Peter Gier, will cover the technological aspects of the study. 

digitalconcepts.io launches researchconcepts.io, a startup focusing on the improvement of visibility calculations. During its first phase the new startup will operate as a division of digitalconcepts.io ag.
Dr. Swen M. Metzger, Founder and Head of researchconcepts.io will join the management team of digitalconcepts.io ag.

Dr. Metzger is currently associated with The Cyprus Institute, Nicosia (Adj. Assoc. Professor), and has a long-standing reputation in developing sophisticated numerical models that improve visibility forecasts. 

digitalconcepts.io ag
Gartenstrasse 59, CH-4052 Basel

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